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The city of Grand Rapids lies on the Grand River, 30 miles east of Lake Michigan. More than 200,000 residents proudly call the city their home, and thousands more visit for business and pleasure. Being Michigan's second largest city, Grand Rapids has a well developed transportation system to accommodate the high traffic of locals and tourists.

Michigan residents have convenient access to Grand Rapids along several highways including Interstate 96, Interstate 196, and US Route 131. I-96 runs in the east-west direction of central Michigan, and connects to Detroit. I-196 runs along Lake Michigan as far as Benton Harbor. US Route 131 runs through the entire state of Michigan in the north-south direction. These highways connect with other nearby major roads such as I-94 and I-69, which lead to other states such as Indiana and Illinois. Overall, out of state visitors driving to Grand Rapids will have to make plenty of merges from one highway to the other. It's not going to be a straightforward drive because Michigan is surrounded by the Great Lakes, and very few interstate highways lead directly to the major cities.

Visitors who want to skip the long drive to Grand Rapids can quickly arrive at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. The airport is located a few miles south of the city, in the suburban community of Cascade Township. There are more than a dozen airlines that offer flights to and from major cities such as Orlando, Chicago, Cincinnati, Denver, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Las Vegas, and more.

Those looking for a more adventurous journey to Grand Rapids can take the Amtrak Pere Marquette train, which connects to Chicago Union Station. You can take an Amtrak train from almost any region of the USA, and make the transfer to Grand Rapids at the Chicago station.

Public transportation in Grand Rapids is available by the buses of Interurban Transit Partnership, locally known as The Rapid. There is a total of 24 bus routes that operate within the city and connect to other nearby communities. For example, Bus Route 17 runs between the Airport and the Woodland Mall. Located near the downtown area, the Central Station is a major transportation hub in Grand Rapids, as its served by more than a dozen bus routes, including Greyhound.

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